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The Native Hawaiian Center at Puʻuloa gratefully accepts contributions that support our programs. With your generosity we can enhance our outreach and program offerings to provide a rich array of student support services anchored in ʻIke Hawaiʻi—Hawaiian knowledge and understanding informed by various aspects of Hawaiian culture.


Your donation will support our students in college. With a college degree, a college graduate will live seven (7) years longer than one who holds a high school diploma. Please make a gift today. Contributions will be used for:


  • Scholarhips for students to complete their degree

  • Summer Bridge Programs that prepares students for the academic rigor of college

  • Emergency grants, laptop loans

  • Guest speaker series, one-on-one academic and career coaching

  • Conference fees

Click here to make a donation online directly to The Native Hawaiian Center at Puʻuloa.

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