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Prior to 2001, the Native Hawaiian Center at Puʻuloa known as Hālau ʻIke O Puʻuloa was an active area for student support programs and in 2008 began its gradual evolution into designing, implementing structure programs to ensure student academic engagement coupled with Hawaiian cultural activities.


After securing new State-funded resources from the Legislature in 2007, the College institutionalized a core group of Native Hawaiian support roles which were previously offered via grants. With input from the Collegeʻs Nā ʻEwa Council, a recognized advisory and advocacy body which advises Leewardʻs Administration on matters pertaining to Hawaiian language, history, and culture, people, and programs, the College established and recruited positions which would fulfill its long term needs. These included a Native Hawaiian Support Coordinator, Native Hawaiian Program Counselor, Hawaiian Studies Instructor, Native Plant Horticulturist/Shadehouse Manager, and a Grants Manager.


Over the next ten highly productive prodigious years and with grant initiatives that allowed quality work to develop, the Native Hawaiian Center at Puʻuloa (NHCP) became the center of Hawaiian cultural activities/involvement at Leeward CC. 

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